Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Favorites!

Yes, I have been waiting all month to do this post! I have tried so many new products during the month of July that I loved and couldn't wait to share with you. There are so many favorites this month, so let's get started!

1. Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate ($12, Sephora/ULTA): This is super great for summer and it makes my lips feel so soft, with a nice wash of color that makes it look like I put a lot of effort itno myself! I did a review of this product that you can see here.

2. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink ($14.50, MAC): This is great for days on the beach you want to look a little put together because it gives off a bit of a glossy finish, and has a sheer wash of a peachy pink. Plus, it has SPF 15 to protect your lips from getting sunburned!

3. CoverGirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer ($6, Drugstores): I feel like I have mentioned this product in so many posts, even though I've only had it for a month! I did a review of this product you can see here.

4. Fiji Passionfruit Body Spray ($12, Bath & Body Works): I am absolutely in love with this scent for summer. To me, this is summer in a bottle. It smells like sunscreen and fruit and kiwi and everything good! I have been wearing this almost every day this month!

5. Love Spell Body Lotion ($12, Victoria's Secret): This smells wonderful! I am normally not a very floral scented person, I like fruit more. But there is something about this smell that makes me want to smell it all day long!

6. Zoya Pandora ($8, ULTA): This is the perfect nude pink for any time of the year. Normally, I am one of those people who assign nail colors to the seasons. But this color goes perfectly with every season, and I only needed one coat for it to be opaque! I did a NOTD of this polish you can see, here.

7. e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush ($3, Target): This is an amazing brush for $3! I am amazed at the quality because many times e.l.f. brushes are a hit or miss, even the Professional line. But this brush is incredible. It is so soft, and it doesn't shed when washed. No bristles fall out when applying, it is amazing!

What are your favorite products of July? Have you tried any of my favorites? Leave your answers to these along with posts requests in the comments!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sale Alert! PacSun Bathingsuit Separates

I know I normally don't do many of these posts, but I felt bad for not telling you guys. On my way up to my lovely vacation spot, I passed a PacSun with a "Up to 60% Off!" sign in the window. Of course, I pulled over and spend just a little  time in there. They have amazing suits and most of them are $6.99 or $9.99. I walked away with two tops, one $6.99 and one $9.99, and I couldn't be happier! The suits are gorgeous, and they still have a various size selection, and I thought that I would just let you know about my lovely findings and alert you about a new sale!

Monday, July 25, 2011

TAG TIME!: This or That Tag

I was tagged to do this tag by Lizzy over at Sparkle Always :). Thanks for tagging me, I love her blog so you should all check it out!


Tribal or Aztec? hahah they seem the same to me!

Girly or boho? boho :)

Floral or paisley? floral

Chunky or single bracelet? single bracelet :)

Layered or single necklace? single necelace

Shoulder bag or wristlet? shoulder bag :)

Nude pumps or red heels? nude pumps def, they make your legs look miles long!


Volumnizing or lengthening mascara? volumizing

Smashbox or nars? NARSNARSNARS♥

Foundation or tinted moisturizer? Tinted moisturizer all the time :)

Cream blush or benetint? cream blush totally :)

Liquid liner or gel liner? im better with liquid, but i want to start to get into gel more

Highlighting or contour? Highlighting definitely :)

Sephora or ulta? so hard! i like the drugstore part of ULTA because its the only place i can find NYX, but i like the rewards program from Sephora better :)

CVS or walgreens? CVS

Touch up stick or liquid concealer? erase paste! hahah neither

Tanning mousse or tanning bed? Tanning gel :)


Feathers or no feathers? clip in feathers, because they dont work with all outfits in my opinion :)

Curling wand or curling iron? Curling wand

Flat iron or blow dryer? neither, my hair is naturally straight, and i always air dry it

Messy bun or ponytail? messy bun

Braid or fishtail? fishtail


Nail stickers or traditional polish? Traditional polish all the way!

Sephora by OPI or OPI? I would have to try more polishes from each brand :)

Mac polish or ulta brand nail polish? ULTA brand def :)

I tag:

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Review: Sally Hansen Mega Shine (v. Sally Hansen Insta Dri?)

Backstory: I have been using the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat for my nails for almost three months now. Once I went through half the product in my bottle, the product would come out very clumpy and sticky and produce bubbles in my nails. I wasn't paying $5.50 for half a bottle of top coat. Still, I stayed with the product. Two bottles later (well, two half bottles later.....) I realized that this was just a waste of money. I had heard great things about the Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, and when in Target a few days ago armed with a $1 off Sally Hansen item, I decided to pick it up and try it out.

Pros: This is a great top coat and gives great amounts of shine to your nails. Literally hours later, it looks like my nails were freshly painted. That is absolutely definitely a plus in this top coat. The claim was a 60-second dry time, and it did live up to the claim as well! The formula is a perfect consistency, not too thick, nor too thin.

Cons: I can only think of one con for this top coat. Now, I may have been a little impatient and started using my fingers a little too soon, but I did notice that when I was in the shower, somehow my nail scratched another nail, leaving a teeny tiny dent in the nail. No biggy though, I just licked it and smoothed it out. (Please, don't tell me you've never tried it!)

Versus Insta Dri: The formula for the Mega Shine is definitely thinner, but as I said, not too thin. The Insta-Dri was very thick, and could go on streaky sometimes. (I know--it's a top coat, going on streaky...?). The Insta-Dri also gives bubbles on the nails as it dries, which is very unsatisfying. The Mega Shine does not produce bubbles at all.

To Sum it All Up: I think this is definitely better than the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and I think this will be my new favorite top coat for now on.

What is your favorite top coat? Have you ever tried the Mega Shine or Insta-Dri? What did you think? Leave your answers to these along with post suggestions in the comments!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Small Collective Sephora Haul!

I recently made a few trips to Sephora when I bought just a couple things each, and instead of making super mini hauls, I thought I would combine it into one almost-normal sized haul. This really isn't too interesting, just mostly a few things I needed, so don't get too excited haha!

1. Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate ($12, Sephora): I love this and it was totally worth the money. I had heard so much about it, and I wanted to try it! I actually just did a review that you can see here.

2. Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens ($10, Sephora): Like I said, just a necessity, especially in the summer! These don't contain mineral oil, which can clog your pores, and cause acne!

3. Sephora by OPI Chic Nail Prints in Snowflakes ($5, Sephora): I have been wanting to try these or the Sally Hansen ones. Though, I can't justify spending so much on a disposable nail polish after one use. Sephora's are $15 and Sally Hansen's are $10. So, when I saw these on the sale rack along with two other wintry designs, I thought it would be great to try out during the holiday season this year!

4. Benefit Feelin' Cheeky Minis Set ($15, Sephora): I feel like everyone and their mother has gotten this set since Blair Fowler (juicystar07 on YouTube) included these in her Sephora haul last month. Though, I am proud to say that I actually got this before Blair posted that video! (yes, I just had to put that out there...) From buying this set I know that I will definitely purchase the full size High Beam once I run out, possibly along with Benetint and Posietint.

5. Sephora by OPI Nail Polish in IM Beauty ($5, Sephora): Again, this was on the sale rack. I have always wanted to try a Sephora by OPI product. Though, Sephora by OPI is more expensive than OPI, and I already have a hard enough time justifying spending $8 on a nail polish as it is. So, when I saw this one on sale for $5, I snatched it up. Good thing I was really wanting a yellow nail polish!

So, that is my entire collective Sephora haul. Not too exciting, I know. But if you would like a full review on any of these products, please leave them in the comments-- even if its the blotting linens!

Have you shopped lately? Share what you got along with post suggestions in the comments!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lovely Natural Tan Without the Smell! (Using Kitchen Ingredients!)

I was browsing on VitalJuice and came across this post about a self tanner to use at home in your tub with ingredients found in your kitchen! All you need is black tea bags, boiling water, and a spray bottle!

See the post here.

"Required time: About 30-40 minutes

Skill level: Goof-proof
4 black tea bags
2 cups boiling water
Sponge or spray bottle
Body lotion
Pure cocoa powder

When water has boiled, add the tea bags to steep. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, or until tea is dark and cool enough to touch.
In the meantime, take a shower to ensure your skin is oil- and sweat-free. Afterwards, make sure skin is completely dry. Stand on something you don't mind getting dirty. If using a sponge, drench it in the tea and wipe all over your body. If using a spray bottle, fill it with tea and spray evenly. Let skin air-dry and apply another coat for a deeper shade. Tea will stain clothes if wet, so make sure you're all dry before dressing. The "tan" should last 3-4 days. Optional: For bonus color, mix cocoa powder into body lotion until you reach desired color and apply for an all-over bronzing boost."

Great idea, VitalJuice! Have you ever tried a homemade self tanner? What's your favorite way of tanning? Share your answers to these along with post suggestions in the comments!

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's in My Vacation Makeup Bag?

I am going away soon and as I was packing and everything, I decided to tell you guys what I am putting in my travel makeup bag! I am not really going to be wearing much makeup because I am going to be in the water literally all day long, so I can't justify putting on a full face of makeup just to have it come off! So, here is what I am going to be packing for my entire trip:
• CoverGirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Medium

• Benefit Erase Paste

• Almay Line Smoothing Pressed Powder
• Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Blush in Peach Satin

• Laura Geller Blush & Brighten in Honey Dipped
• Physician’s Formula Neutral Quad (This is unavailable now because I got it almost eight years ago, but it basically is a brown shimmer color, brown matte, peach matte, and white matte close to MAC's Vanilla ina  quad. Very simple and easy)

• Benefit High Beam

• Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink

• Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate
• Bath and Body Works Apple Salve

That is everything makeup-wise I am bringing with me! I hope you enjoyed reading! What are your favorite products to bring with you on vacation? Do you think makeup is a necessity in a beach or lake environment? Leave your answers to these along with post suggestions in the comments!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butters have always been a holy grail product for many bloggers and reviewers. And I have to agree! This product is probably one of--if not my top!--lip conditioning treatment/butter/whatever. This has a creamy texture that is incredible and literally feels like butter on your lips. There is also a sheer wash of color, so it sort of looks like you are wearing a lip color, when really you are just conditioning your lips with a soft, creamy lip butter!

I truly cannot find anything wrong with this product. Well, actually, the price isn't ideal, but with so many makeup brands these days, it is hard to find one that has cheap products. Still, $12 isn't bad for the incredible product you are recieving. 

I would definitely see myself using this during school as well, because it comes off more natural and more effortless. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Have you ever tried this product before? What are your favorite summer lip products? Leave your answers to these along with post requests in the comments!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Pandora

Today I finally got around to painting my nails the polish I received in my July Birchbox, Zoya Pandora. I can not even describe how much I love this polish. First of all, the color is gorgeous. It isn’t loud or too soft. It doesn’t look like I have mannequin hands, either. It sort of reminds me of a ballerina. I feel very pretty and graceful when I wear it, LOL! This was the first Zoya polish I’ve ever tried, and I will definitely be purchasing more Zoya polishes since this one is formulated so well! In my opinion, this color can be worn in any season, not just limited to summer or winter. The best part?! It only took one coat for me for this polish to be opaque. Why do two coats if you don’t need it? I was so happy about this! I finished the manicure off with white feathers on the ring fingers.

Have you ever tried this polish, or any other Zoya polishes? What did you think? Leave your answers to these questions along with any other post ideas in the comments!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Staple Pieces for Less: Shorts!

I have got a few requests on summer clothing items, and what is in for the summer. In particular, inexpensive clothing pieces. So, I have decided to break it down for you guys, and will do a post on this new series, "Summer Staple Pieces!" every other day. Today's category is...

The first shorts trend we are going to look at for the summer would be high-waisted shorts:

1. dEliAs($19.99): I actually own these shorts, super comfortable because they are made with spandex! Sets one off like a picture frame with a great tan!

2. Forever 21 ($11.00): These are such versatile shorts. They could be dressed up or down!

3. H&M ($24.50): So pretty for a day shopping, a casual party, or going to the movies!

4. Forever 21 ($15.80): These are a gorgeous color to wear with a white, grey, navy, or even orange (color blocking, another hot trend!) top and some cute sandals.

5. Hollister Co ($39.50): These are a bit more pricey on the cheaper end, but still a nice investment if you love high-waisted shorts.

The second shorts trend we are going to look at are patterned shorts:

1. Walmart ($12.00): These are super cute and would look adorable with a grey shirt or tank top with a little flower headband or something!

2. Billabong ($39.50): Super cute, very nautical feeling! A new trend for summer, definitely!

3. PacSun ($49.50): You'll certainly have luck finding summer love in these shorts! The cute horseshoe detailing adds an unexpected pop to your outfit.

4. Walmart ($12.00): These are also adorable and can be worn with a simple top.

5. Forever 21 ($13.80): This is another versatile pair of shorts. They acn be dressed down with a white, flowy blouse and some wedges for a little more dressier night. They also can be worn with a white v-neck and converse for a more edgy feel.

The third trend is, in my opinion, always going to be a summer staple trend, bright colors!:

1. Target ($17.99): These are a gorgeous color and would look great against bronze, tan skin!

2. Walmart ($12.00 These are super cute, yet another pair that you can dress up and down!

3. PacSun ($29.99): These are super bright, you'll be sure to turn heads on the beach, at the pool, or in the mall.

4. Forever 21 ($12.50): These are also adorable and can be worn with a crop top or off the shoulder.

And finally the last trend in shorts we will be looking at is whites. Whites are one of the only colors that have a specific season in which they are allowed to be worn (Memorial Day-Labor Day...duh!!). Against a tan, or even not a tan, they can make someone look super bronze. That is why choosing the right white shorts can be so crucial!

1. dEliAs ($24.50): These are gorgeous, especially with the crochet detailing.

2. Walmart ($12.00): I love the big button on it--it differentiates itself from any other pair of white shorts!

3. Forever 21 ($19.95): These are super cute and can be dressed up or down!

4. American Eagle Outfitters ($24.99): These ones are a bit longer so you can wear this a little more fancier!

5. Hollister Co.($20.00): I love the gold stitching on these! And they marked down!

So, I really hope you all liked this post, it took forever to do! So, I do hope that you buy or consider buying any of these shorts because they are all trendy and afforable. Please expect a post on summer trends in tank tops on Sunday!

Please leave any post suggestions/requests and thoughts on this post in the comments!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer

I have a review for you all today, and I am super duper sorry that I have been present but not really present for the past month or so. I have been basically living out of my suitcase because I have been traveling so much, and I have a lot of things going on in my personal life, too. But anyways, I am going to try to prewrite some posts to post throughout the week! Anyways, onto the review!

CoverGirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer (around $6, drugstores)

Backstory: Before I started my travels, I knew that I was going to be at the beach a lot and I don't obviously want foundation, and I am the type of girl who would wear a tinted moisturizer to the beach (see my Beach Makeup post) if I am not going in the water. So, I headed over to a few beauty forums and asked if people had any recomendations about tinted moisturizers that don't give a greasy feel. Most people recommended the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF 20. This sounded like a great one to try because the foundation has gotten raving reviews. However, I couldn't bring myself to purchase a $42 tinted moisturizer when I don't even own a belt that expensive. So, I asked about a drugstore or wallet-friendly tinted moisturizer, and the only product I recieved feedback on was the CoverGirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer. Literally, that was the only product that returned results. So, if it had to be all of these peoples' favorite, then why couldn't it be mine?

Coverage: A tinted moisturizer isn't supposed to be a makeup mask over your face. It is defined as a moisturizer with a bit of coverage. And that is what this product gives you. Minimal coverage, but its does even a lot of things out. Trust me, you are not being skimped on what the label claims and what you are given. There is a little bit of coverage, and for me it is enough. For a tinted moisturizer, it definitely is tinted!

Finish: Tinted moisturizers are often known to have a greasy finish. There is one exception to this, though: this product! The finish is so natural and matte, I was actually sort of shocked when I first tried it on! Amazing finish!

To sum it all up, I think I will stick to this tinted moisturizer for this summer and most of the upcoming school year (foundation for school? no thanks ;) I would definitely repurchase this tinted moisturizer, and recommend it to friends. In fact, if a friend is looking for a drugstore tinted moisturizer, this would be the only one I suggest!

Have you tried this tinted moisturizer? Do you have any recommendations for a tinted moisturizer?
Leave post suggestions and requests in the comments!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best Blog Award!

I was given the Best Blog award by ♥Neelum♥ and I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for the award, I couldn't appreciate it more!

The rules are as follows:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this to you
♥Neelum♥ has a great blog, so please go follow her!

2. Share 7 random things about yourself
* I love bad movies.
* I'm addicted to watching YouTube beauty gurus.
* I'm a swimmer.
* I have worn glasses since I was four years old, and I really don’t mind them anymore.
* I want this summer to be the best of my life, because last was my worst.
* A few months ago I shaved off half of my eyebrow! :\
* People always ask me if I am sad or upset—even when I am at my happiest.

3. Award 15 blogs

4. Answer the following questions

Your favorite color: Pink
Your favorite song: "Thunder" By BoysLikeGirl
Your favorite dessert: cheesecake
What is pissing you off: nothing!
When you 're upset, you: watch youtube videos
Your favorite pet: Puppy!
Black or White: gray!
Biggest fear: adhesives
Best feature: I dont know!
Everyday attitude: It is what it is!
What is perfection: you!
Guilty pleasure: terrible disney movies

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's in My Beach Bag?

Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I have been on vacation, and still am, but I haven't had internet connection until today. So, I thought since I am on vacation, it would be a great idea to show you actually what is in my beach bag. I am about to head out to the beach in a few minutes, so let's get this party started!

From H&M

  • A Towel: Obviously, the first thing in anyone's beach bag...
  • Two Books: I have one pleasure-read, and one summer reading book for school. (Pleasure-read: It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han) (Summer Reading: A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway)
  • Wallet: In case I want to get something to eat at the snack shack!
  • Phone: A must-have all the time!
  • Tortoise-shell Hair Clip: My hair is always in my face at the beach, so I like to pull it up with this.
  • Contact case & Solution: In case my contacts start bugging out on me!
  • Headphones & iPod: Listen to music when I'm laying out!
  • Lip Balm with SPF: My lips always get sunburned, and I never have SPF lip balm with me. This way, I'll always have it!
  • Pop-Up Hairbrush with Mirror: This doesn't seem to make sense when I also have a comb in here, too....?
  • Comb: To tangle through my wet hair so it doesn't get all knotty!
  • Camera: To capture those lip changing Kodak-moments on the beach ;)
  • Seventeen Magazine: Just got my new issue! Perfect beach read!
  • Lemon Juice in a Spray Bottle: To spritz through my hair before going out in the sun, to naturally lighten my locks!
  • Sunscreen: To reapply! I use whatever I can find for my body, and Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 for my face.
  • Gum: So I don't pig out on chips while I'm there!
  • Altoids: See above.......
So that is everything in my beach bag, I would love to know what you keep in yours! Please leave a comment below, and tell me what you keep in your beach bag! Have a happy, sunny, safe weekend!