Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's in My Beach Bag?

Sorry I haven't posted in forever! I have been on vacation, and still am, but I haven't had internet connection until today. So, I thought since I am on vacation, it would be a great idea to show you actually what is in my beach bag. I am about to head out to the beach in a few minutes, so let's get this party started!

From H&M

  • A Towel: Obviously, the first thing in anyone's beach bag...
  • Two Books: I have one pleasure-read, and one summer reading book for school. (Pleasure-read: It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han) (Summer Reading: A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway)
  • Wallet: In case I want to get something to eat at the snack shack!
  • Phone: A must-have all the time!
  • Tortoise-shell Hair Clip: My hair is always in my face at the beach, so I like to pull it up with this.
  • Contact case & Solution: In case my contacts start bugging out on me!
  • Headphones & iPod: Listen to music when I'm laying out!
  • Lip Balm with SPF: My lips always get sunburned, and I never have SPF lip balm with me. This way, I'll always have it!
  • Pop-Up Hairbrush with Mirror: This doesn't seem to make sense when I also have a comb in here, too....?
  • Comb: To tangle through my wet hair so it doesn't get all knotty!
  • Camera: To capture those lip changing Kodak-moments on the beach ;)
  • Seventeen Magazine: Just got my new issue! Perfect beach read!
  • Lemon Juice in a Spray Bottle: To spritz through my hair before going out in the sun, to naturally lighten my locks!
  • Sunscreen: To reapply! I use whatever I can find for my body, and Aveeno Active Naturals Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 for my face.
  • Gum: So I don't pig out on chips while I'm there!
  • Altoids: See above.......
So that is everything in my beach bag, I would love to know what you keep in yours! Please leave a comment below, and tell me what you keep in your beach bag! Have a happy, sunny, safe weekend!


Superficial Sanctuary said...

Such a solid beach bag full of essentials for your trip! I love the bag itself, too, very cute for summer!

Arianne Cruz said...

that's a cute bag :)
I love that you have books and magazine in there!

Gracey said...

Very cute beach bag! Thanks for mentioning Seventeen, I just remembered I need to resubscribe and pay off the last bill haha :)

♥ Neelum ♥ said...

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