Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Staple Pieces for Less: Shorts!

I have got a few requests on summer clothing items, and what is in for the summer. In particular, inexpensive clothing pieces. So, I have decided to break it down for you guys, and will do a post on this new series, "Summer Staple Pieces!" every other day. Today's category is...

The first shorts trend we are going to look at for the summer would be high-waisted shorts:

1. dEliAs($19.99): I actually own these shorts, super comfortable because they are made with spandex! Sets one off like a picture frame with a great tan!

2. Forever 21 ($11.00): These are such versatile shorts. They could be dressed up or down!

3. H&M ($24.50): So pretty for a day shopping, a casual party, or going to the movies!

4. Forever 21 ($15.80): These are a gorgeous color to wear with a white, grey, navy, or even orange (color blocking, another hot trend!) top and some cute sandals.

5. Hollister Co ($39.50): These are a bit more pricey on the cheaper end, but still a nice investment if you love high-waisted shorts.

The second shorts trend we are going to look at are patterned shorts:

1. Walmart ($12.00): These are super cute and would look adorable with a grey shirt or tank top with a little flower headband or something!

2. Billabong ($39.50): Super cute, very nautical feeling! A new trend for summer, definitely!

3. PacSun ($49.50): You'll certainly have luck finding summer love in these shorts! The cute horseshoe detailing adds an unexpected pop to your outfit.

4. Walmart ($12.00): These are also adorable and can be worn with a simple top.

5. Forever 21 ($13.80): This is another versatile pair of shorts. They acn be dressed down with a white, flowy blouse and some wedges for a little more dressier night. They also can be worn with a white v-neck and converse for a more edgy feel.

The third trend is, in my opinion, always going to be a summer staple trend, bright colors!:

1. Target ($17.99): These are a gorgeous color and would look great against bronze, tan skin!

2. Walmart ($12.00 These are super cute, yet another pair that you can dress up and down!

3. PacSun ($29.99): These are super bright, you'll be sure to turn heads on the beach, at the pool, or in the mall.

4. Forever 21 ($12.50): These are also adorable and can be worn with a crop top or off the shoulder.

And finally the last trend in shorts we will be looking at is whites. Whites are one of the only colors that have a specific season in which they are allowed to be worn (Memorial Day-Labor Day...duh!!). Against a tan, or even not a tan, they can make someone look super bronze. That is why choosing the right white shorts can be so crucial!

1. dEliAs ($24.50): These are gorgeous, especially with the crochet detailing.

2. Walmart ($12.00): I love the big button on it--it differentiates itself from any other pair of white shorts!

3. Forever 21 ($19.95): These are super cute and can be dressed up or down!

4. American Eagle Outfitters ($24.99): These ones are a bit longer so you can wear this a little more fancier!

5. Hollister Co.($20.00): I love the gold stitching on these! And they marked down!

So, I really hope you all liked this post, it took forever to do! So, I do hope that you buy or consider buying any of these shorts because they are all trendy and afforable. Please expect a post on summer trends in tank tops on Sunday!

Please leave any post suggestions/requests and thoughts on this post in the comments!

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fishy-out-of-water said...

thank youuuuu <3 i got some shorts from kohls that are "decent" (mid thigh is decent, right?) I got a pair of jean shorts and a gray charcoal colored one. I also got these stripped shirts ONE OF THEM IS NAVY BLUE AND WHITE <3 thanks for doing my request tooo :)