Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butters have always been a holy grail product for many bloggers and reviewers. And I have to agree! This product is probably one of--if not my top!--lip conditioning treatment/butter/whatever. This has a creamy texture that is incredible and literally feels like butter on your lips. There is also a sheer wash of color, so it sort of looks like you are wearing a lip color, when really you are just conditioning your lips with a soft, creamy lip butter!

I truly cannot find anything wrong with this product. Well, actually, the price isn't ideal, but with so many makeup brands these days, it is hard to find one that has cheap products. Still, $12 isn't bad for the incredible product you are recieving. 

I would definitely see myself using this during school as well, because it comes off more natural and more effortless. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Have you ever tried this product before? What are your favorite summer lip products? Leave your answers to these along with post requests in the comments!

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