Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Mega Shine (v. Sally Hansen Insta Dri?)

Backstory: I have been using the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat for my nails for almost three months now. Once I went through half the product in my bottle, the product would come out very clumpy and sticky and produce bubbles in my nails. I wasn't paying $5.50 for half a bottle of top coat. Still, I stayed with the product. Two bottles later (well, two half bottles later.....) I realized that this was just a waste of money. I had heard great things about the Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, and when in Target a few days ago armed with a $1 off Sally Hansen item, I decided to pick it up and try it out.

Pros: This is a great top coat and gives great amounts of shine to your nails. Literally hours later, it looks like my nails were freshly painted. That is absolutely definitely a plus in this top coat. The claim was a 60-second dry time, and it did live up to the claim as well! The formula is a perfect consistency, not too thick, nor too thin.

Cons: I can only think of one con for this top coat. Now, I may have been a little impatient and started using my fingers a little too soon, but I did notice that when I was in the shower, somehow my nail scratched another nail, leaving a teeny tiny dent in the nail. No biggy though, I just licked it and smoothed it out. (Please, don't tell me you've never tried it!)

Versus Insta Dri: The formula for the Mega Shine is definitely thinner, but as I said, not too thin. The Insta-Dri was very thick, and could go on streaky sometimes. (I know--it's a top coat, going on streaky...?). The Insta-Dri also gives bubbles on the nails as it dries, which is very unsatisfying. The Mega Shine does not produce bubbles at all.

To Sum it All Up: I think this is definitely better than the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and I think this will be my new favorite top coat for now on.

What is your favorite top coat? Have you ever tried the Mega Shine or Insta-Dri? What did you think? Leave your answers to these along with post suggestions in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I love review posts. (:
I've never tried the Mega Shine or Insta-Dri, but after your review, I may try the Mega Shine.

I also tagged you! Check it out here:

Beauty Soiree said...

I was always an OPI Top Coat fan until I purchased my Mega Shine. I love the thinner consistancy, it makes aplication a breeze - glad you love it too :)

Thank you for the review xx