Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: CoverGirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer

I have a review for you all today, and I am super duper sorry that I have been present but not really present for the past month or so. I have been basically living out of my suitcase because I have been traveling so much, and I have a lot of things going on in my personal life, too. But anyways, I am going to try to prewrite some posts to post throughout the week! Anyways, onto the review!

CoverGirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer (around $6, drugstores)

Backstory: Before I started my travels, I knew that I was going to be at the beach a lot and I don't obviously want foundation, and I am the type of girl who would wear a tinted moisturizer to the beach (see my Beach Makeup post) if I am not going in the water. So, I headed over to a few beauty forums and asked if people had any recomendations about tinted moisturizers that don't give a greasy feel. Most people recommended the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF 20. This sounded like a great one to try because the foundation has gotten raving reviews. However, I couldn't bring myself to purchase a $42 tinted moisturizer when I don't even own a belt that expensive. So, I asked about a drugstore or wallet-friendly tinted moisturizer, and the only product I recieved feedback on was the CoverGirl AquaSmoothers Tinted Moisturizer. Literally, that was the only product that returned results. So, if it had to be all of these peoples' favorite, then why couldn't it be mine?

Coverage: A tinted moisturizer isn't supposed to be a makeup mask over your face. It is defined as a moisturizer with a bit of coverage. And that is what this product gives you. Minimal coverage, but its does even a lot of things out. Trust me, you are not being skimped on what the label claims and what you are given. There is a little bit of coverage, and for me it is enough. For a tinted moisturizer, it definitely is tinted!

Finish: Tinted moisturizers are often known to have a greasy finish. There is one exception to this, though: this product! The finish is so natural and matte, I was actually sort of shocked when I first tried it on! Amazing finish!

To sum it all up, I think I will stick to this tinted moisturizer for this summer and most of the upcoming school year (foundation for school? no thanks ;) I would definitely repurchase this tinted moisturizer, and recommend it to friends. In fact, if a friend is looking for a drugstore tinted moisturizer, this would be the only one I suggest!

Have you tried this tinted moisturizer? Do you have any recommendations for a tinted moisturizer?
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Arianne Cruz said...

u make me want to buy this... thanks for the review!

Jessy In Lights said...

Thanks for the review. Do you think this is moisturizing enough for people with dry skin?

metroswimgal said...

Yes! I have dry skin and I use it!

Melanie Fontaine said...

Yet another product that I desperately want to try, but that isn't available in Europe. As far as drugstore tinted moisturizers go, there's barely a selection and the ones that I've tried, I haven't liked. Maybe I'm just not the type of person for tinted moisturizers - if I really don't want to wear anything on my skin, I'm not wearing foundation at all because it doesn't really bother me. I do wanna try the Laura Mercier one, but for that price tag, I probably end up buying an actual foundation.
Great review!

xoxo, Melanie