Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bath and Body Works Haul! (Yes, Again... =P)

Weellllllll...I think I have a shopping addiction! I went back to the Bat and Body Works Hello, Yellow! Sale and got roped into buying more things! I know, its bad! But, my total this time was $24, so I don't think I went overly so. Anyway, let's see what I bought!!

A Pink Loofa! $2 : These loofa's (forgive me if I spell that wrong..) are absolutely adorable and of course I got it in favorite color! I think these loofas are extremely soft and durable with the plaid ribbon on it. On the website it was listed as $1.75, but I paid $2 for it? Well, it's only $0.25... =\

Cinnamon Heaven Moisturizing Soap $2.50: If you read my last BBW haul, I got my grandma a few soaps for her birthday in a few months. Wellllllll, I thought it pointless to buy more soap for her for Christmas for more money, so I actually bought her Christmas present in June. (Haha, I don't know if I said this in my last haul, but I always buy my grandma soap for any holiday, it's sort of our little joke☺)

Nectarine Mint Deep Cleansing Soap $2.50: Read the above..... ☺I know this isn't as Christmas-smelling as cinnamon, but this scent is incredible!!!

Berry Parfait Foaming Soap $2.50: Smelled amazing + the price = my next soap purchase for myself!!

Carried Away Travel Sized Frangrance Mist $FREE!: I got this for free because I had a coupon (it's legit, I swear!) for a free travel sized item and this is what I chose!

Apricot Travel Sized Frangrance Mist $FREE!: I actually beat the system and used two coupons and sent my friend to buy one half of my purchases with one coupon, and I took the other. This way, I was still paying the same amount of money, just for more products!!

Cherry Vanilla Shower Gel $2.62: I adore this smell and it was SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OFF! That's right! So, I HAD to pick it up!

Lemon Vanilla Shower Gel $2.50: Amazing smell, great price!!!

And then I got five Anti-Bac's, and they all smell amazing!

From left to right: Lemon Pomegranate, Carribean Escape, Lunch Box PB&J, Island Nectar, Lunch Box Honey Pretzel

So thanks for reading my haul I hope you guys liked it! I love doing hauls, but if you have ANY other post ideas, please leave them in the comments and I will definitely get to them! Muahh loves youus♥


Arianne Cruz said...

You really went happy shopping!
I'd love to get their hand soaps but I figured, I can get fragrant hand soaps from Walmart for half the price (around $1.50) and it would have the same nice smell.

Anyways, shopping is super fun isn't it? ;)

Audrey Allure said...

Great products, I love their anti-bacterials! And that nectarine mint soap sounds like it smells really good.

fishy-out-of-water said...

i seriously need to go shopping with you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lemon vinalla lotion, but can never find it when I'm out. I also want to get the body spray from that and carried away (it smells SOOOOO good!) =) byebye

Anonymous said...

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