Friday, May 6, 2011

What's in My (School!) Bag?

This is probably the oldest tag around, but I decided to do it because I always like watching other people's bag videos and blogs, and I hope other people will like mine! Here is what I carry in my bag:

Planner: I am super organized when it comes to school, and I have to make sure I have everything I need written down. So, I keep my planner with me at all times if I need to write a new due date down or something.

Contact Solution: If you wear contacts like me, at the end of your contact's life, thye may start to be dry or irritable. Obviously, you put new ones in at the moment. So, I go to the bathroom and re-insert my contacts so they feel moist and fine until I can throw them away.

Graphing Calculator: Nothing too interesting hahah....I have a Texas Instrument TI-83 Plus if you were wondering hahaha

Hand Sanitizer: I am absolutely obsessed with Bath & Body Works Hand Saniziter! (Read: I got this text today, in case you aren't signed up for B&BW texts, Bath & Body Works is having a sale now through Sunday that if you spend $30, $10 will be deducted.) I have five total right now, I'm not one who really hoards them haha. But in my bag I have just the fresh lemon one.

Pencil Case...with no pencils: Haha I always lose my pencils, but I still have my pencil case! I shoudl probably refill it this weekend while I have the chance. I have a Vera Bardley wristlet that I got as a gift that I use. =)

EOS Lip Balm: My little best friend! Literally, the first time I put this on my lips, it felt like silk or velvet. Sooo good! But, I think that because I use it so much, I have like grown immune to the smell of it or something lol, because when I first got it, it was soooo scented, in a good way. Now, when I sniff it, I can't smell a thing! Anyone else with EOS Lip Balm, has this happened to you?

Victoria Secret's PINK Fresh & Clean Body Spray: After gym, I always feel icky and sorts, so I keep this in my bag to spritz on me. I also own the Sweet & Flirty in the 8.4 oz bottle. I like the Sweet & Flirty better because it has more of a girly scent in my opinion. However, I use the Fresh & Clean after gym because makes me feel fresh and clean hahah and because it's travel sized.

Gum: Everyone in schools knows me as the queen of gum. Like, literally I will be walking in the hallway and someone is like "gum girl! What do you got today?" and I won't even know them!! I have actually made friends from giving them gum bahahaahah. I always have multiple packs on me, it's my bad addiction. Right now I have Trident Layers Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus. I also have Extra Fruit Sensations Sweet Watermelon, but I ahven't opened it up yet. If you can't tell, I'm more of a fruity gum girl than a minty gum. Just never could get into it......

Coin Purse: I don't buy lunch, I bring it. But I always have my little coin purse on me with like 75 cents haha in case I want to buy water or something, because the vending machiens ahve flavored water and I looooovvveeee flavored water!

A Ribbon: I think I wore this one day a few weeks ago, but took it out during the day?

A (Broken) Mechanical Pencil: I prefer mechanical pencils to regular pencils because...well, this is going to sound superficial, but I think they look cuter! =\

A (Working) Mechanical Pencil: Wait! I do have a working pencil! Yes! (Too bad I didn't realize it earlier, when i had a math test today haha)

A (Another?!) Mechanical Pencil: Who knew??

A (Another) Broken Pencil:  hahaha, goos things don't last

A Mirror:  To check my makeup, of course.

Lip Gloss: Okay, well I have this thing of carrying lip gloss I don't use. I have two in my purse. I have the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in....well I don't know because it faded. But it has an orange color, like orange juice, and tastes real fruity. I also have a teeny tiny Clinique lip gloss I got from a friend in the color Azalea. I don't use bright colors on my lips, so I don't even know why I have this in my bag haha.

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara: This is definitely my favorite mascara right now! I keep this in my bag to use for any touch ups or something. To be honest with you, this is an expensive least for me. I got this as part of a sampler set I got during Christmas. It was Sephora's favorite mascaras box. This was one of them, and I know why! I don't want to go into much detail about it here, because I am planning to do a review on it tomorrow, so go check that out when I post it!

Keys: Don't want to get locked out!

Colgate Wisps: I haven't actually used these yet. But, once I do, let me know in the comments if you would like to see a review on them? I actually bought these because (confession time) somethimes I am rushing out of the door so much that I don't brush my teeth (it's the very last thing I do before I leave) and I feel icky the entire day. So, I bought these last week, for a day that I am rushing so much that I can't brush my teeth. I don't know if they can be used as an alternative for brushing your teeth in the morning, but some gotta take what you can get, you know?! So, yeah, let me know if you would want a review!

Alrighty, I hope that wasn't too boring for you. I know this week has been really slow with posts, and when i have posted it really hasn't been on beauty and stuff, but I am still getting used to it honestly, and I'm trying to balance everything and yeah. So if you want a review on anything mentioned here, let me know! Have a dazzling day, beauties!


Jaci Walker said...

I use my Wisps after lunch. They don't replace brushing your teeth, they just freshen your breath and you can pick the bits stuck in your teeth out with them (similiar to toothpick/flossing).

swooosh said...

coin purse, victoria secret and lip gloss for me..
i'll be following your blog..