Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini ULTA Haul!

Hi! Two posts in one day?! Can I get a hoot hoot? *person in the back feebly mumbles "hoot."* Haha. So, I went to ULTA at like 8 PM tonight just to browse, even though it closed at 9 haha. But, I actually bought a few things that I am extremely eager to try. I didn't buy many things, only three, so that's why this is a mini-haul. Let's get started!

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Brazilian Nut: I am obsessed with sugar scrubs right now! So far I have only made my own (if you want a recipe, let me know in the comments!), but I was eager to try some that a professional company had made. I started smelling these, and I first smelled the original shea body scrub, and it smelled delicious! Then, I moved on to the others, smelling each one. Then, I came across this one, and I was beside myself in how much I loved it! It was $6.99, and I had a 20% off coupon off of one item ( valid until May 28!) So, it came out to $5.59 plus tax. I was ecstatic and I’m so excited to try it! Now I want a candle that smells like this!!

OPI Nail Polish in Steady as She Rose from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection: My friend actually got this, and we’re going to share it. It’s a beautiful muted rose, and I think it would be perfected for toenails because I think toenails are always nice when they are more muted, and then you have nice pop of colors in your fingernails. So, I am super excited to use this on my toes tomorrow!

L’Oreal Paris Body Expertise Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning GelĂ©e: I my quest to find the perfect streak-free self-tanner, I purchased this by recommendations from two people, as well as the ULTA girl. I have tried so far four different self-tanners, and they all left a streaky appearance, and were terrible for me! So, I am super excited to use this as well! (Haha, I feel like I ended each of these product descriptions with “I am so excited blah blah blah haha”

Have you tried any of these products? Please let me know about your experience with them in the comments! Since this is my first-ever haul, the first three people to comment it, I will promote your blog in a separate blog. P.S. I changed the font and color! You like?


Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I love your blog! Following you too! ;)

I haven't tried out any of these products... I can't get them where I live. Well, actually I can get OPI nail polish, but one bottle is 33 dollars. :S
But I'll check out these products next time I come to the States!

xoxo Lindsey

Gracey said...

I love sugar scrubs to! I love the one I'm using now (the true blue spa one from bath and body works...idk what its called haha) but it makes my entire bathroom smell like a shook up a Sprite can and let it explode.

And I just got your comment for the blog award! Thank you so much, you are so sweet :)