Monday, May 16, 2011

Birchbox!: Get High End Beauty Products for $10 a Month

Hi there, everyone! I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you all about Birchbox. ( Birchbox is a company that sends you four to five high end beauty products each month....for only $10! Now, the products are deluxe sample sized. So, you may say, "Meg, I could go to any makeup counter and get samples for free, without paying $10." What do I say to that?? These are deeeeeeeeeluxe samples...that means that you can't get them this size for free. Birchbox gives you a chance to test out a high end beauty product before you make the plunge and spend the, many times costly, price for a product. I have started Birchbox myself, and I am going to keep you guys posted, if you like.

Let me know if you are interested in Birchbox, tell me your thoughts, feelings, I want to hear!


Gracey said...

I love Birchbox! My mom and I always try out everything in it. She stole one of my soaps from my most recent ones. But yeah I love that they are deluxe samples, the actually last more than 2 uses!

busyxbees said...

oohh snap, i really wish i lived in america they dont do it here in england :( i swear one day ill move to new york just for birchbox ! looks great :)x