Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Essie: The Braziliant Collection!

So, Essie has been working up a huge hype for their new Braziliant Collection, that came out today. The collection features six new summer colors: Smooth Sailing, Braziliant, Absolutely Shore, Too Too Hot, Meet Me At Sunset, and Super Bossa Nova.

I discovered this new collection online about a month ago (?) and I have fallen in mad love with Smooth Sailing. Seriously, I have been eyeing it for a whilleeee! And unfortunately I am too busy to get it today, but tomorrow I am going to go to Target and buy it and either Braziliant or Absolutely Shore. (Read: Target has Essie nail polishes on sale this week for $7.79!)

So, tell me what YOU think! Do you like any of the new colors? Will you be purchasing any?

Also, I haven't forgotten about my posts about my hair and the days between washes posts! Be expecting another one this week!


Fontaine said...

I might purchase one of the orange nail polishes, but Essie is pretty expensive in Europe, so we'll see. I'm interested to see how Smooth Sailing compares to Coat Azure, because I have a feeling that they will be quite similar...

Beauty Soiree said...

Smooth Sailing and Absolutely Shore are my picks!! I'm yet to try Essie Nail Polishes but I have been hearing great things.. Some people are even prefering Essie over OPI??
I would love to try out this collection, I wonder if they will be released in Australia?

Stephanie xx