Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update: My Quest to Go Longer Between Washes

Wow...I have such an original name for this post...
So, a little while ago, I posted that I was going to try to go four or five days in between washing my hair. Now, almost a month later, I am going to tell you that I failed that time span. It just wasn't working out. Instead, I decided to go two days in between washes, and my hair looks healthier than ever. I also have started a new shampoo, the extremely appraised Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I ahve heard so many great things about this prouduct. Actually, I had used the shampoo and conditioner before together, and it was okay. Though, I think that the shampoo is actually better on its own with a conditioner from a different brand. Right now I am using it with Aussie's Sydney Smooth conditioner, and it's alright. I think I can find a better conditioner, although this one is fine. So, I have found my perfect shampoo that I now use each two days. Now, the quest to find the perfect conditioner!

Sorry for the last of posts lately, I truly am sorry. It's been almost a week since my last post. Hopefully none of you were missing me too much ;) but I am honestly sincerely sorry, and will try to get some new fun ideas for blog posts.

Have you tried my dream shampoo? Have any recommendations for ultra-hydrating conditioners? Have any ideas or suggestions for a new blog post? Leave them in the comments!! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Superficial Sanctuary said...

it seems there is such a fine line when going between washes. i found that 2-3 days is the max limit for me. going any longer just makes my hair lose its life completely and washing it and putting a mask on it is like trying to bring it back from the dead! hah 2-3 and dry shampoo, hair is finally growing longer!! good luck with yours!