Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Wednesday! Tips and Tricks to Get You Through the Week

I haven't done one of these posts in a long long time, but I feel like I had to do one because I am feeling those "mid week blues." For me, it is finals week (ugh) and I have been studying like crazy. I pre-wrote some posts to put up this week, and I am quite impressed with myself. This is because I have been super busy this week, and still managed to post daily, even if they were prewritten. The irony here is that thew past few weeks when I wasn't as busy, I would have three or four day gaps in between posts!

So, it is Wednesday, I this is basically my life right now:

But, do not fear! My optimistic ways are here to cheer myself and anyone else who's feeling the mid-week blues up!

I mean, just look at the puppy!

This basically explains it all:

I also want to share something with you that I am going to take into consideration for the rest of the week: do something daring. Think about it: life really isn't all that fun when you do the same thing over and over again. Actually, in English class the other day we saw a quote about routine: "The greatest story ever told is one of travel. Life's journey is traveling, and always changing." or something like that. I interpreted it as routine gets boring, and we need to change it up a little in our lives, here are some ways to do that:

1. Wear a different hair style every day.
Try a braided topknot one day, a fishtail the next, a funnel cake bun, or beach waves!

2. Go treat yourself to something--you deserve it!
 For me, I know, getting Starbucks is a treat and only happens once every month or two months! Maybe I'll grab a coconut frappucino this weekend. What about you--mani/pedis? Shopping spree? Or just some ice cream?

3. Go to the Bath and Body Works Hello, Yellow! Sale!
This is a crazy sale, so much is marked down. Definitely check this out, I came home with so much stuff! (Haul in a few days...)

Alright, so I hope this post helped some of you get through the rest of the week. It's not too far from Friday, now! We can do it! Haha, well see you tomorrow!!!

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Gracey said...

aww such a cute little puppy! Great tips! I think I treated myself a little too much this week with a shopping spree haha.