Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post Ideas...?

Okay guys, I had a very productive week last week, I posted five days out of seven!! I was very proud and impressed with myself, but I feel like now I have nothing to post about! So, please, I absolutely BEG.OF.YOU. pleeeeeeeeaseee give me some ideas in the comments. Do you like hauls? Tutorials? Reviews? Reviews of things in my hauls? A new summer series?

I really need your help in post ideas! Please leave a comment telling me your favorite type of post, and I will definitely do it! Thanks a bunch, loves youuusss♥


Arianne Cruz said...

i like reviews and hauls :)

Cami said...

I love your blog! I followed you! Please check out my blog and follow me!!! The link is http://camigmakeup4u2c.blogspot.com/ . Thanks so much!

Kailey said...

Tutorials are always good :) Outfit/make up/ hair tutorials are my fave! Reviews are always good too!

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fishy-out-of-water said...

i need help with clothes. I need summer clothes that are very affordable and yet in style and trendy. SOS. please help meeeee? =) byebye