Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birthday Haul: Part I

Hi everyone! My birthday was last week, and I went to the city near me with tons of huge stores! I got money to shop in the city, and a little money I had previously saved up. So, I went to H&M and Forever 21 and Lush (my first time!!!) and I also got a few gifts from my friends that I am so grateful for. I love doing hauls, so I thought maybe everyone would be interested in what I got!

So first I went to H&M in the city, and I bought three bathingsuits (all bandeaus--I'm obsessed!):

(Sorry, bad picture taker!!!!)
Then, at Forever 21, I bought myself a necelace, and two pairs of sunglasses!!

Then, I went to Lush and it was my first time there because the closest store is TWENTY miles away from me! So, of course, when there is a Lush nearby, I would have to stop in and get something! Although, I actually didn't just stop in: I was there in that tiny store for over an hour....The workers were so nice and helpful, and were just so great!!! So, here is what I ended up getting (I already have a wishlist for the next time I go!):

Jungle Conditioner

Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser (makes my skin so soft and cleared my redness!!!)
Bubblegum Lip Scrub (Couldn't believe you could eat it!)

My incredibble best friends also bought me gifts, even after I begged them not to! So props to the bestest friends in the world!!!


Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted! & Nicole by OPI Party in the Penthouse

Nicole by OPI Stuck in the Chimney & Nicole by OPI Sparkle My Mistletoe

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

And my other friend bought me an anchor necelace with anchor earrings! Unfortunately, I ran out of memory to take a picture with it but it's adorable!

So, that is everything I got, and actually I am having a family birthday party the week after next, so that means even more stuff! :| So, this is part I, and part II will hopefully be up around the 19th/20th?

So, sorry I haven't posted lately!! I promise, after finals and everything, there will be a plethera of posts! Muahh!

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Melanie Fontaine said...

Sounds like a great birthday! :) Lush is a great store - I could spend hours in there, just because all the things are set up so nicely and it smells so good.