Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School: Leave Your Requests Here!

Hi guys! I know that I have been MIA for the past month or so. To be honest, I have been basically living out of my suitcase this entire summer. I think I was home altogether two weeks this entire summer. Hopefully that explains the lack of posts! That is why I was trying to prewrite as many posts as I could, but it didn't work out  as I had originally hoped. I hope that I can start doing more posts once the school year starts, because maybe I'll have more to write about?

Anyways, onto the real reason for this post: I am going to be doing a back to school series, starting either today or tomorrow. I will sporadically post new back to school posts. But, I don't want to post anything you guys don't want to read! So, please leave your requests for back to school posts as well as any other posts in the comments, because I will definitely do as many as possible! I will do anything from photo tutorials, hair tutorials, product recommendations, what's in my school bag, etc. Just leave what you want in the comments! Alright, so that's basically the point of this post, see you soon!

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Kailey said...

Suggestions/Requests Back to school Outfits :) , nail tutorials, whats in your bag, what kind of backpacks.. :D