Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome to Beauty, Brains, What Else? !

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, Beauty, Brains, What Else?! I know it's sort of corny, the title I mean, but I think it is sort of fun and quirky. So right now it is 1:30 in the morning, and I cannot sleep! So, I ahve been thinking about doing this blog for a while. I was either going to do a blog or a Youtube channel, and I decided to do a blog. So, obviously, here I am. I am honestly going to try to keep this up as well as I can. Obviously, I have schoolwork and everything, so it might be hard. But, who knows? Let's see where this takes us.

Well, what was I planning to do on my blog? Well, obviously, from the title, I am interested in beauty. I am actually quite intelligent too (I think), but back to the main point. Beauty. Health.  Fashion. Makeup. Skincare. Everything about beauty and health is so fascinating and interesting to me, I just wanted to share a lot of my knowledge on the subject with you. I think I am going to be doing reviews of products, DIYs, tutorials(?), and just other things of that yeah.

So, I am absolutely, by no means a professional. Oh gosh: no. I am not. At all. So please, don't start with that!

I am going to put another post up directly after this post, not sure yet what about. But, nonetheless, since it will be my first "real" blog post (I don't really count this one haha), I have to make it good!

Bye bye!

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