Friday, April 29, 2011

Feather Extensions!

Two words: I want.

OMG, I want feather extensions soooo bad! I think I am going to DIY, and buy the goods from . I want to get the "grizzly" color, but they are out of them. So, I put myself ont he waiting list, and as soon as I get an email or call, I am going to buy my hair extension pulling hook hair extension wand, my blonde silicone lined feather beads, and my feathers! It wouldn't come out to too bad a price, shipping included, it would be $21.95. I consider this a bargain to the $85 plus tip it would cost at my salon...I am super duper excited for them! I am going to be a waitress over the summer, and something about a messy bun and having a feather stick out the bottom is absolutely adorable! Is that weird?...I feel like I second guess myself so much in these posts...

So, tell me what you think: do you like the idea of feather extensions?

If you need help doing your OWN feather are two helpful videos I am going to use when I get mine....expect another update once I actually DO mine! hahaha

TWO posts in one day?! It's my blog....I can do whatever!


Fontaine said...

I love feather extentions! But I'm probably not going to get some permanent ones, just because I don't feel that I'm the type of person that could pull them off all the times. ;)
Great blog!

t_smith said...

i love these, too! i actually think i am going to buy them this weekend; i kind of want yellow ones to go with my blonde hair, but also might do just natural brown feathers. great post, following now!