Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Basket Haul!

Hello, beauties! I hope everyone's Easter was swell. I had a great Easter myself, considering I started this blog Easter night. I think I will tell you a little bit about my Easter before I get into everything I got.

So, I woke up around 8ish and I went downstairs and opened my Easter basket. Then, I searched around for Easter eggs (I won with the most amount of eggs found--11!). I made breakfast: biscotti, biscuits, bacon, eggs, muffins, sausage, more eggs. I have to say, I didn't even get to try everything because there was so much! And then I painted my nails....more on that in a few. And then I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and then I came home and gave my friend a TWO HOUR pedicure. Isn't that ridiculous?! Since it was Easter, I felt like doing a good deed, and I got new nail polishes so I was so excited, and yeah. If you want, I will actually do a blog about doing your own pedicures at home a little later in the week if you want? Sounds good. And anyway, after I gave my friend a pedicure, I curled my hair, did my makeup, got dressed, and then went over a family member's house for an Easter dinner.

If you wanted to know what I was wearing, here it is:
I actually found the dress and shoes at Marshall's, so I was really excited to wear it! And I curled my hair! :) yay!
So anyway! Easter Basket Haul! Let's see what I got for Easter!
Here is my Easter basket:
I didn't get an overload of stuff for Easter--I never do. And I sorta like it that way :)
So what I got was....!
  • A cute little stuffed doggie! Isn't he adorable???? He's from the March of Dimes organization.

  • Seven Subway Coupons! You will learn that I absolutely j'adore Subway. It is heaven! And I got these coupons for $1 off any Footlong Fresh Value Meal or 50 cents of any 6" Fresh Value Meal.
  • An ULTA Gift Card! YAY FOR THE EASTER BUNNY! I am so excited to use it!
  • Twizzlers, twizzlers, twizzlers! I got FOUR KING SIZED Twizzlers! Yes! My favorite part? Low-fat!
  • Hershey's with Almonds! You got to have some chocolate, right? Of course! Of course, it was the KING SIZED!
  • And now, my favorite part.....drum roll please? Three Essie Nail Polishes! I have been absolutely lusting the Turquoise and Caicos polish for over a month now, and I finally got it! It is the perfect Tiffany blue, except not the ACTUAL Tiffany blue, because, did you know that the color was patented?? Isn't that interesting? I found that out yesterday. Nonetheless, if any nail polish is as close to Tiffany blue as it could be, this would be the nail polish. I actually put this on my fingernails yesterday, I'll show a swatch below. I also got Haute as Hello, which is a gorrrrrgeous salmon-y/pink-y/orange. I love it! I didn't do this on my nails, but I applied it to my friend's nails, but I didn't get to take a picture of it, so no swatch for that one :( And finally, I got Lilacism from Essie as well. This is such a subtle lavender lilac purple color that is perfect for spring! It is sort of funny that I got this color because I was just watching a YouTube guru's spring nail color video, and I saw that color. I thought it was cute, but I didn't think much of it until I actually got it, and I was like fawning over it. So I applied that to my toes (swatch below) and I am really loving it. Oh! I put this color (two coats) on my friend's toes, and then I put Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color in Sweetheart Frost (one coat) over the Lilacism, with the top coat over that and all. Let me tell you: gorgeous!
Alright, so this was quite a long post, thank you very much if you have actually read up to this point! Haha, okay, so that is what I got in my Easter basket. Leave a comment and let me know what you got in your Easter basket, I would love to know!


Anonymous said...

im so jealous that you are able to get hold of essie polishes :) as i live in the UK they are not available :(:( but great haul, that dog is adorable !!!
You wouldn't mind checking my blog out would you.... i have only just started so would be great if you could give some feedback!

metroswimgal said...

your blog is adorable! followed♥ what kinds of quality brands of nail polish do you have in the UK?

Jaci Walker said...

Nice dress. Hope you had a great Easter.

I love your blog and I would love it if you could check out mine and follow back pubicly:


Adora Mehitabel said...

i love the mint green tiffany looking nails.